Honda is currently prepping an even higher performance version of its European Civic Type-R that’s set for release in the UK in the third quarter, with other markets to follow shortly after. The latest version has been inspired by last year’s Civic Mugen RR concept vehicle and has been developed by in-house Honda tuner and performance accessories division Mugen.

The new engine is based on the regular 2.0L Type-R unit but thanks to a number of subtle performance mods, output of the high-revving naturally aspirated engine rise to 237hp (177kW) and 160lb-ft (217Nm) of torque. Other modifications include uprated shocks and springs and Mugen’s new 'I-TCMS' tire monitoring system. Brembo has also been called in to supply huge 12.6in slotted discs up front and 11.1in units in the rear.

The main aim of the game, however, is weight reduction and in the case of the latest Mugen Civic Type-R engineers have removed the rear seats and added lighter carbon-fiber accessories. New lightweight 18in alloys and a pair of Recaro bucket seats also make the cut.

Production will be extremely limited, with only a few dozen cars planned. If you aren’t able to get your hands on one, the new Ford Focus RS and Renault Megane R26.R should offer similar performance and hot-hatch thrills.

Mugen-enhanced Honda Civic Type R Euro spec