Earlier this month Infiniti announced pricing on the newest addition to its lineup, the all-new G37 Convertible, and today the stylish drop-top officially goes on sale. Pricing has been set at $43,850 for the standard model and $43,900 for the G37 Convertible Sport with a six-speed manual.

This weekend marks the official start of summer - the summer solstice - and therefore makes the perfect launch date for the summer-time favorite form-factor. With its combination of open-top atmosphere, luxurious interior and real on-the-road capability, the G37 Convertible is sure to please a lot of people.

Alongside the car's sales launch, Infiniti is also kicking off the car's marketing campaign with a new slogan: "Own the Sky". While first-year law students and real property professors the world over will have fun debating the implications, it's a clear attempt to highlight the convertible's main draw, and apply it to the world of online and TV advertising.

The car's 3.7L V6 engine is backed by a choice of a 7-speed automatic transmission with available magnesium paddle shifters or a responsive close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, the same as in the Coupe. Strangely, however, horsepower for the Convertible is down slightly versus the Coupe - 325hp (242kW) for the drop-top compared to 328hp (245kW) for the Coupe.

The roof design features a three-piece folding steel top and a special convertible-focused interior, including a unique Bose Open Air Sound System that dynamically changes equalization based on outside noise, vehicle speed, and top position. Also on the feature list is an adaptive climate control system that adjusts fan speed in accordance to top position and vehicle speed.

Overseas markets are expected to receive the car later this year.