Start with a pile of C5 Corvette parts, some tube steel and a wealth of experience fabricating hot rods, drag racers, custom cars and resto-mods, and you might end up with something like the Superior 54 Sport Wagon.

Using donor parts where it matters most and linking it all together with a custom frame. The hand-laid fiberglass and CoreMat body is bolted directly to that frame, and the whole package is assembled for delivery, leaving the interior, paint, engine, wiring and all the little touches that finish out a custom Sport Wagon.

The body itself also includes a chrome Corvette grille, a 1953 Corvette-style dash, power door windows and locks, complete custom safety laminate window glasswork, a slew of chrome trim pieces, and a functional tailgate with power window opening.

Suspension and control pieces fitted to the Chassis include C5 Corvette independent front suspension with coil-over shocks and power steering, sway bars front and rear, Corvette disc brakes at all four corners, a C5 Corvette independent rear suspension that's been narrowed by 6in to fit the body style, a choice of automatic or manual transmissions included, plus room for good-sized wheels, with 10.5in clearance in the back and 8.5in up front.

Motor mounts for - what else - a Chevy LS-series V8 are also part of the standard package, allowing you to source either a donor engine or a brand-new crate unit to fit your project.

All you need to own one of the 25 of these special-production custom rolling packages that will be built is a $50,000 deposit and the $125,000 purchase price - and the desire to build one serious custom Sport Wagon. For more details, check out the Superior 54 Sport Wagon official site. The car will make its official debut June 19-21 at MSRA's Back to the '50s event in St. Paul, Minnesota.