To finish first, you must first finish. It is an adage as old as racing, but it is no less true for the passage of time. And Nick Heidfeld has apparently taken it to heart, setting a new record for the most F1 races completed successively, taking the title from the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Despite a tough time so far this season and having dealt with a car that wasn't always on pace, Heidfeld has nevertheless managed to keep the car together well enough to cross the finish line. His 25th straight finish came at Barcelona - coincidentally on his 32nd birthday.

"I would like to say a big thank you to the BMW Sauber F1 Team for the stability of the car, which obviously played a major rold in this record," said Heidfeld. "I am pleased to have set a new record...especially on my birthday."

To some eyes, nestled in Heidfeld's thanks to the team is a critique of the car's lack of pace. The car has been very consistent, but despite finishing 25 races, Heidfeld has yet to claim a victory in F1 and has claimed just one podium this season, taking second in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, Heidfeld' can be proud of his latest achievement. It is a difficult mark to hit in a sport so focused on pushing the outer limits of both human and mechanical capability.