The Fast and the Furious franchise may not be known for its Oscar-winning performances or well thought-out plot developments, but that hasn't stopped the fourth instalment 'Fast & Furious' from smashing a number of box-office records in its opening weekend.

In what has surprised many entertainment critics, the return of the first film's cast of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel has proven a hit with audiences, with the latest flick grossing a massive $72.5 million over just three days. This figure is around double what analysts were expecting, and is now the current record for the highest April opening ever, according to CNN. It also takes the accolade for best opening for 2009 thus far, beating out Watchmen and Monsters v. Aliens.

While many of us would think that the movie made its money on the backs of impressionable teenage boys, the statistics are showing that around 43% of the audiences were female, and that over 40% of the audiences were older than 25 years old.

Some commentators are describing the new film as a historic premiere, and it's hard to argue with the figures behind the movie's opening weekend. In fact, not even Steven Spielberg's third installment of the wildly popular Jurassic Park series had a larger opening than the new Fast & Furious. Furthermore, it also takes out the best opening ever for a car-themed movie, beating out the eponymous Cars by more than 20%.

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