Ford of Europe will be expanding its flex-fuel vehicle range with the addition of a new variant of the Mondeo capable of running on three different types of fuel. Scheduled to make its debut later this month at the Leipzig Motor Show, the new tri-fuel Mondeo will be able to use petrol, ethanol, or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to propel itself.

The new tri-fuel Mondeo will be available as a sedan, hatchback and wagon, but the only engine option will be a 2.0L Duratec with 145hp (108kW). While the car will be able to use three different types of fuel, only two seperate fuel tanks will be required as petrol and ethanol can be stored in one tank in any combination. The petrol and ethanol tank will be capable of holding 70L, while the LPG tank will have a capacity just under 49 liters.

With two full tanks, the sedan and hatchback variants of the Mondeo will be able to run 286 miles (460km) on LPG and 529 miles (850km) on petrol or ethanol, giving the cars a range of roughly 815 miles (1,311km). The wagon version, which has a smaller LPG tank, has a slightly diminished range at 765 miles (1230km).

The tri-fuel Mondeo is expected to enter the European market next month, with prices hovering around the €27,500 ($35,290).