The Equus large sedan just received a new dose of teasing ahead of its South Korean release later this month, and if it weren't for the 7-series rival's existence, the 4.6L supercharged Tau V8 on display in Chicago might not make much sense.

Such a beefy engine would definitely enliven the Genesis, maybe even enabling the company to take on the BMW M5, but it doesn't really make sense in light of impending fuel economy and emissions standards. In a big executive sedan, possibly available with a long wheelbase version, however, such an engine does make sense - as BMW has illustrated with its twin-turbo 4.4L V8 and Mercedes-Benz has shown with its 6.0L V12.

No plans exist to bring the Equus to the U.S. as yet, however, so such power-hungry ideations may simply be ruminatory.

Earlier talk of supercharged V8s slotting into the Genesis sedan had appeared to stall, but the fact that the engine has really been built and exists in the flesh, however, tilts the tables in favor of its eventually being put into some sort of production. A SEMA concept from last year, built by RKSport, illustrates just what could be possible.

For live photos of the engine as it sits in Chicago, head over to Jalopnik.