America's most powerful native supercar, the Corvette ZR1, has reigned for just a few months, and already the tuners are having at it, cranking up power to even more absurd levels. Hennessey's latest creation, dubbed the ZR700 for its 755hp (526kW) output, is a prime example.

Blowing through the quarter mile in just 11.03 seconds at 136mph (219km/h) thanks to a 67hp (50kW) boost over the stock ZR1's 638hp (476kW), the ZR700's brawny 717lb-ft (970Nm) of torque also ensure the car has ample low-end bite.

Hennessey got the extra power out of the already awe-inspiring LS9 mill by increasing boost from the supercharger by 3psi to 14psi, opening up the intake with a K&N air filter, installing a new intercooler, bolting on stainless steel exhaust headers, and replacing the stock catalytic converters with higher-flow units, all topped off with a custom ECU tune. The parts to build your own ZR700 will be available as a mail order kit starting in May - just add a donor ZR1.

That extensive modification list yields an impressive string of performance numbers: 3.1 seconds 0-60mph; 13.9 seconds 0-150mph; and an estimated top speed of 212mph. Those represent improvements of 0.7 seconds in the 0-60mph dash, a massive savings of 3.2 seconds (or 18.7%) in the 0-150mph run and a rise of about 10mph in top speed, though the stock ZR1 is electronically limited.

For those insane enough to think the ZR700 isn't quite enough car, the ZR750 is also in the works, adding a 200rpm higher redline (up to to 6,600rpm), fitting high-flow cylinder heads, upgrading the camshaft, and other tweaks to wring 755hp (563kW) and 730lb-ft (988Nm) of torque from the 6.2L V8.

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Hennessey ZR700 modified Corvette ZR1