At last year's Detroit Auto Show, Lamborghini debuted its factory customization program, which it calls Ad Personam. This year, the Italian supercar maker has decided to up the ante, bringing two Ad Personam program cars to the show to demonstrate just what is possible via the in-house personalization service.

The two Ad Personam cars were a Murcielago LP640-4 and a Gallardo LP560-4 coupe, both in a striking shade of satin blue. Though it's called a matte blue, in reality it's more of a compromise between the high-gloss paints of years past and the somewhat more light-absorbing but trendy matte colors of recent shows, offering a nearly pearlescent tone with a hip twist, accenting the strong Lamborghini lines.

In addition to the satin/matte blue color, three other hues have been added to the Ad Personam portfolio, including Bianco Canopus, Marrone Apus and Nero Nemesis: matte shades of white, brown and black, respectively.

The Ad Personam program is still all about what the customer wants, however, and nearly anything that can be imagined can be had, whether is a custom paint job, unique interior materials or a one-of-a-kind options package, it's all available via Ad Personam. As Lamborghini puts it, "A super sports car from Lamborghini is always a fundamental
expression of the buyer's personality. And that is why the highest levels of
exclusivity are possible, right through to absolute one-of-a-kind Lamborghini

The Gallardo on the stand at Detroit features such finishing touches as Nappa leather throughout the cockpit, on the doors and seats, plus the headliners and pillars. Carbon fiber accents offset the Nero Perseus color scheme, and the Callisto wheels are finished in a glossy black to offset the satin finish of the paint.

The Murcielago, on the other hand, features a full Alcantara interior with diamond stitching, plus a cockpit surround finished in carbon fiber. Suede and carbon fiber adorn the steering wheel, and like the Gallardo, gloss black wheels are used as counterpoint to the paintwork.


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