With the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon now good and over, we now have all the details about the latest modifications prepared for Nissan’s popular GT-R like this latest kit from Shadow Sports Design. Decked out in red, the custom GT-R features a number of aerodynamic modifications designed to improve downforce and handling.

At the front, the car features a new carbon-fiber front spoiler with integrated ducts to help cool the brakes. There is also a large carbon-fiber rear wing for added downforce on the rear axle, although the Nissan GT-R's already impressive aerodynamic ability will be hard to better.

Additionally, Shadow Sports Design has developed a set of custom forged magnesium GT-R wheels in collaboration with renowned aftermarket wheels company Enkei. The front wheels weigh just 9.85kg, while the larger rear wheels come in at an ultra light 10.6kg - a total weight saving of around 3.65kg compared to the standard GT-R.

This latest tuned GT-R joins other Japanese-tuned variants of the GT-R, such as those from Zele and Branew. While those cars featured both aerodynamic and performance modifications, for now it seems that Shadow Sports' GT-R will not be getting performance modifications except for custom the titanium exhaust kit.