British sports carmakers Morgan Motors has unveiled its most environmentally friendly model to date - a pedal-powered car for 6 to 13 year olds that shuns petrol or hydrogen for simple human propulsion.

Known as the Morgan SuperSports Junior, the new pedal car will be built alongside the normal range of cars at Morgan's factory. The car is inspired by the original Morgan 3-wheelers that were built in 1909 by HFS Morgan. The pedal car is a 2/3 reproduction of Morgan's first iconic 3-wheeler and is being constructed as a part of the company’s centenary celebrations. True to Morgan's traditional values, the SuperSports Junior promises to use high quality materials, and its designers claim that the car will stay true to Morgan's core philosophy of high power-to-weight ratio.

To facilitate this claim, Morgan says that the 3-speed crank pedal car is similar to a recumbent bicycle, and should offer exciting performance with low effort. To keep weight down, the car is crafted from lightweight aluminum, but still features an imitation cast V-twin engine, a tubular chassis and hand formed louvres. The SuperSport Junior also features working lights and hand stitched adjustable seating, for the more discerning of the younger generation out there.

Limited to a production run of just 500 units, Morgan is taking non-refundable £500 ($736) deposits on their website now, and the project will only go ahead once the company receives 200 deposits. The final price will be £2,510 ($3,690) excluding VAT and delivery charges, and color choice plus leather upholstery will cost an additional £250 ($368).


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