As their name suggests, the tuners at Imola Racing specialize in Ferrari modification, and their latest creation demonstrates their art in a particularly dramatic manner. Building on the base of the already excellent Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Imola adds a widebody kit and a range of performance upgrades via parent company the Dimex Automotive Group.

The widebody kit itself is straightforward enough, offering a wider track and room for more wheel - and sticky rubber - to improve handling. In addition to the wider fenders, the company also adds a new front spoiler, rear diffuser and spoiler and custom wide-lip alloy wheels. Inside, the car can be customized as the buyer desires, but this example features a combination of black and red leather, alcantara and aluminum and carbon fiber trim.

Exact details on performance modifications is still lacking, but a claimed boost to 648hp (483kW) puts the widebody 612 into the realm of the Enzo, which is rated at 651hp (485kW) from the factory. The larger size and weight of the Scaglietti means performance is likely to be somewhat less brutal, but is still a significant improvement over the stock 612's 5.7L V12 rating of 540hp (403kW).

For those that would prefer a slightly more restrained custom 612, Ferrari has its One-to-One program.