A wide array of Hyundai Genesis Coupes have been on the SEMA charts for the past several months, and today the company finally revealed them all in full pictorial detail. The high-resolution photos show the car in both sedan and coupe form and spanning the range from full-on race car to genteel street-lux cruiser.

As Hyundai puts it in its press release, "The seven custom Genesis Coupes and sedans to be unveiled at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show demonstrate Hyundai’s commitment to its rear-wheel drive performance platform." That commitment can't be denied, especially in light of the fantastic job of converting the Genesis Coupe to a race-ready track car by Rhys Millen Racing.

Complete with Turbonetics turbocharger, the car is prepped with fire system, roll cage and all the gear necessary to run safely on the track, plus a complete rebody in carbon fiber. For more on the RMR Genesis Coupe, read our original coverage here.

The RKSport Sedan gets a supercharger strapped to its 'concept' 4.6L V8, cranking out an estimated 460hp (343kW) while maintaining a 27mpg rating thanks to the use of cylinder deactivation technology. The engine was engineered by RKSport and Hyundai America Technical Center, meaning this engine could have a real chance of seeing at least limited series production - especially with such solid performance and efficiency numbers.

The Street Concepts car features stealth-fighter-inspired design, and though the decals warning of intake and exhaust areas may seem a bit over-the-top, the flat camouflage paint pattern is attractive. This is also the only 3.8L V6 Coupe among the bunch.

HKS treated their 2.0T-powered Coupe to a Time Attack treatment, with a HKS GT2835R turbocharger, HKS Hipermax III fully adjustable suspension, and more.

RIDES magazine's Sedan, powered by the standard Tau V8 and DUB Magazine's pair of Sedans, also powered by the same engine, all get unique custom treatments, with the RIDES vehicle focusing on adding technology and mobile office features, while the DUB crew went the route of 22" wheels and custom styling, with alternating black and white designs.