Aston Martin has won the award for being the “coolest brand” in the United Kingdom for the third year running, beating rivals such as Ferrari and Lamborghini to top the list of 20 best brands. The awards are put together by Superbrands, a branding consultancy.

The annual CoolBrands poll reflects the opinions of industry experts and more than 2,500 members of the public. Members of the expert judging panel include Mother strategy director Dylan Williams, fashion designer Ben de Lisi, DJ Trevor Nelson, and New Era creative director Walé Adeyemi. The panel is chaired by Stephen Cheliotis, chief executive of the Centre for Brand Analysis.

Ferrari managed to clench 13th spot in the list, while Ducati was one behind in 14th and Lamborghini brought up the rear in 20th place.

Technology brands such as Apple and Nintendo also achieved strong results in the survey.

2008 Coolbrands Top 20 list
01. Aston Martin. Automotive – Cars
02. iPhone. Technology – Telecommunications
03. Apple. Technology – General
04. Bang & Olufsen. Technology – General
05. YouTube. Online
06. Google. Online
07. Nintendo. Leisure & Entertainment – Games & Toys
08. Agent Provocateur. Fashion – Lingerie
09. Rolex. Fashion – Accessories, Jewellery & Watches
10. Tate Modern. Leisure & Entertainment – UK Attractions & The Arts
11. Dom Perignon. Drinks – Champagne
12. Virgin Atlantic. Travel – General
13. Ferrari. Automotive – Cars
14. Ducati. Automotive – Motorbikes
15. PlayStation. Leisure & Entertainment – Games & Toys
16. Sony. Technology – General
17. Nike. Sportswear & Equipment
18. Bose. Technology – General
19. Facebook. Online
20. Lamborghini. Automotive – Cars