Volkswagen is set to unveil a new generation of its Tiguan compact crossover at next month’s Frankfurt Auto Show, but the five-seater on show in the German financial hub will be just one of a handful of variants planned for the nameplate’s second iteration.

We know that a long-wheelbase Tiguan fitted with seven seats is coming. This may be the standard version offered in the United States. It will be built at a plant in Mexico starting in 2017 and will likely arrive in local showrooms as a 2018 model.

According to Autocar, a Tiguan Coupe is also planned. As the name suggests, this will be a version with a coupe-like profile. VW has already previewed the design with the string of Cross Coupe concepts rolled out over the past couple of years, the most recent of which was the Cross Coupe GTE unveiled this year (above).

High-riding models have never been more popular and the trend is for even more growth. This is why major automakers appear to be in a mad rush to launch as many crossovers and SUVs as possible.

For VW, this means not only the Tiguan Coupe but also a new mid-size crossover with seven seats based on 2013’s CrossBlue concept—and a coupe-like version of that based on 2013’s CrossBlue Coupe concept is also planned. But the list doesn’t end there as we’ll also see a new subcompact crossover based on 2014’s T-Roc concept, and it’s possible a minicar crossover based on 2012’s Taigun concept will be launched. All of these models bar the Taigun-based model are being developed around VW’s flexible MQB platform. The Taigun concept was based on VW Up running gear.

But getting back to the Tiguan Coupe, Autocar also reports that a high-performance R variant is being examined. The potential Tiguan Coupe R would feature a powertrain similar to the one in the Golf R, meaning a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine delivering close to 300 horsepower. There would also be a series of chassis upgrades to go along with the potent powerplant including sport-tuned suspension, uprated brakes and a driving modes selector to adjust several dynamic features.

The new Tiguan Coupe is said to be coming in 2017. If given the green light, expect to see the R variant a year later.


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