Lotus has come up with a new way to raise some much needed cash: offering customers an opportunity to visit the factory and even get some track time on the company’s official test track located onsite. The offer is part of a new program called Handmade in Hethel (Hethel being the town where Lotus is headquartered) which will be available through Lotus dealers at the time of purchase and for a limited time after order.

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There are currently two packages offered through the Handmade in Hethel program. The first, priced at £832.50 (approximately $1,325), offers a factory tour and formal presentation of the car as well as some car maintenance products and a signed print from Clive Chapman, the son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman. Chapman junior currently runs the Classic Team Lotus restoration service for classic models and race cars.

For a bit of extra cash, £999 ($1,590) to be exact, you can add a bit of track time to your package. This includes time with an instructor so you won’t be out there making a complete fool of yourself.

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Each package also includes a personalized commemorative booklet charting the build of the purchased car as well as the opportunity to meet the team that brought it to life. There’s also a photographer on hand to capture the moment, leaving you free to immerse yourself in all things Lotus. Note, customers will have to make their own travel arrangements, meaning those outside the U.K. will also need to include airfare and hotel stay.

“Hethel is the heart of Lotus, where we have been designing, developing and building the most exciting and uncompromising handmade British sports cars for nearly 50 years and we are delighted to open our doors to customers so that they can collect their new car from us direct,” Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales said. “The Hethel experience gives our new, existing and future customers the opportunity to see, hear and feel for themselves the ambition that has been core to Lotus; to build cars that give you one of the most thrilling pure driving experiences imaginable."


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