We came across a very special one-off Rolls Royce Phantom over at BornRich, which is set to debut at the first ever luxury goods exhibition in China’s Guangzhou province this December. The vehicle that is priced at $3.8 million is built on a long wheelbase Phantom platform that's 250mm longer than the standard version, and is said to be completely bulletproof. It would seem there’s significant demand for the über safe luxury vehicles. You remember our previous posts on bulletproof vehicles from the likes of Bentley and Range Rover.

Under the hood sits the same BMW derived 6.8L V12 from the regular car, complete with 453hp (338 kW) and 720 Nm of torque. China’s rapid industrialization has created a large number of wealthy individuals who are demanding top-end luxury goods. Other car companies with exhibits planned for the show include Porsche and Ferrari.