General Motors will be super-sizing its display at this year’s SEMA show with a range of full-size pickups, SUVs, crossovers, celebrity cars and crazy accessories. Major show-stoppers include a one-of-a-kind Chevy Silverado off-road concept designed in conjunction with NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. and another Silverado, with the 427 7.0L LS7 from the Corvette Z06.

Rising gas prices? That won’t stop GM; its family of full-size SUVs will dominate the show in a fleet of no less than 27 vehicles from the General. Chevrolet will be the main focus, with 14 cars in total, but the showcase will include 4 GMCs, 2 HUMMER H3s as well as cars from Saturn, Pontiac and Buick. There’ll even be a top-secret performance car, developed in conjunction with one of GM’s more notable celebrity partners.

Caddy will be teaming up with DUB magazine, no doubt working on an outrageous Escalade EXT, while other brands will be covered with the latest in ICE technology including noise-cancelling headphones, portable DVD systems and new remote start-up system that can monitor fuel levels and tire pressure.