Toyota will mark the end of its production of the MR-S (MR-2 Spyder) with a run of 1000 limited “V Edition” vehicles. The cars will go on sale from the 9th of January 2007 in Japan only, with actual production expected to end at the end of that same month. The current model MR-S was released back in 1999 and remains as Toyota’s only sports model since the decline of the Celica in April this year.

For its swan song, Toyota has added leather seat & door trim, a three-spoke sports steering wheel and a new instrument panel with metal highlights. The shift-gauge cover is also finished in a titanium color. Other features include a unique set of wheels, new aero parts including side intakes and revised bumpers, plus a Helical LSD. We first head of the demise of the MR-2 and Celica back in 2004, with the US model MR-2 being discontinued in 2005 because of increasing competition and a lack of sales. Elsewhere, the 2006 model year is the last for the MR2, with the UK getting 300 final models in a special numbered TF300 series.

Toyota is now left without a genuine sports car in its lineup to exploit the promotions from its multi-million dollar F1 program. However, the company is rumored to be working on the next generation Supra coupe as well as a new low priced sports model.