Now that any chance of an alliance with Renault-Nissan is truly over for both General Motors and Ford, the two US carmakers may just form a partnership of their own. When asked by Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung if GM would choose to go it alone or merge with Ford, the General’s Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz stated that "we are open to alliances. But we can also be successful alone."

The two companies are undergoing intensive restructuring plans for their respective North American divisions in an attempt to turn around the recent string of financial losses. Last year, GM loss a total of $10.6 billion and was previously in negotiation talks with Renault-Nissan, which came to an end last month.

Lutz told reporters that GM would have benefited far less from the tie-up than Nissan and Renault and understandably decided to halt the proceeding. There were rumors that the French-Japanese partnership were also considering dealing with Ford, but its CEO Carlos Ghosn ending it all with his announcement last week that it would give up on a third partner for now.