Porsche’s Cayman S is one of our favorite cars around despite the obvious marketing-over-engineering decisions that went into its construction. A number of tuners have offered kits for the Cayman that turn it into a true 911 beater, but this widebody setup from TechArt has to go down as the most sinister looking. With the add-on fender flarings on front and rear axle the TechArt Widebody is eight centimeters wider than the standard car. The front extensions don’t only provide extra room inside the wheel housings but also improve the movement of hot air with their integrated wheel-house ventilation. The rear flarings are equipped with largely dimensioned air ducts to bring fresh air to the centrally placed engine.

Aero parts include the front spoiler bumper, which reduces lift at the front axle and improves the cooling of the front brakes with large air ducts. The TechArt rear apron with integrated diffuser rounds out the conversion. The tail of the Cayman can be alternatively upgraded with the large TechArt GT sport rear wing or a more subtle rear spoiler. ContiSportContact 2 high performance tires are fitted in sizes 235/30 ZR 20 for the front and 305/25 ZR 20 in the rear. There’s also height adjustable sports suspension specially set-up for the ultra-wide wheels and tires and the wider track of the car.

On top of these handling upgrades, TechArt offers engine tuning for the widebody Cayman S allowing it to develop a maximum power output of 385hp (283kW) and a peak torque of 407Nm.

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