Late last week, Jeremy Clarkson let it be known that he had driven his final lap on the famous Top Gear Test Track, the 1.75-mile loop at the old Dunsfold Aerodrome in the U.K., and that he had used one of three cars—either a Mercedes-AMG GT, Ferrari LaFerrari or 488 GTB.

It’s now been confirmed that the car Clarkson used was the Ferrari 488 GTB. The car was a brand new example just shipped over from Italy, and the stunt helped raise £100,000 (approximately $156,188) for the Camden Roundhouse performing arts center.

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“I was feeling a bit choked as I went through the gates for the very last time,” Clarkson later said in an article in The Sunday Times.

He also mentioned that the Top Gear offices located at the site were locked to stop him from taking home a souvenir, though he added that he had enough memories to keep him going on the day.

“It was time for the last lap. And I made it a good one. A smooth one. The sort of lap that would have made the Stig proud,” he said.

Clarkson, Hammond, May

Clarkson, Hammond, May

In related news, Clarkson, together with fellow former Top Gear hosts Richard Hammond and James May, possibly hinted at a new show on America’s Netflix. During their recent Clarkson, Hammond and May Live show in the Australian city of Perth, their first public appearance together since leaving Top Gear, Clarkson teased the audience with: "Who knows, very soon once more you will be seeing us on a television or an internet near where you live."

And also during the show, Clarkson made fun of Hammond’s American-style pronunciation of the letter Z, stating: “You're not in America."

And in response, Hammond quipped: "Not yet."

The news comes just weeks after it was reported that the trio’s contractual agreements with Top Gear broadcaster the BBC bars them from entering into a deal to create a new car show for a terrestrial network, such as rival broadcaster ITV. However, online networks such as Netflix are fair game.

Stay tuned.


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