The Top Gear trio have been mum so far on the exact plans they have for the future. We know that a new car show is in the works, but the question remains as to where that show will air.

One place it seems that it won't be airing is on British television network ITV. Despite the fact that the group have reportedly been engaged in discussions with ITV, their prior contracts restrict them from creating a motoring show on a rival British network until 2017.

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To be more specific, their previous contract forbids them from entering into a deal to create a new car show for a terrestrial network. That means online networks such as Hulu and Netflix are fair game. It's been rumored for a few weeks now that a source like Netflix would be the one to offer up the necessary pile of cash needed.

It would be an expensive gamble for sure, but it's one that is nearly guaranteed to pay off. Apparently the Top Gear show was bringing in an estimated 40 million British pounds (approximately $62 million) per year for the BBC.

Despite the existing contract provision, it seems that ITV is still looking to secure Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. They'd be crazy not to try and wrangle them, of course, but it'd be shame for many of the Top Gear fans to have to wait to see their favorite presenters until 2017. They would have the newer BBC version of the former show to watch once Chris Evans gets it underway. It will be quite curious to see how that show does once it launches, and to see if the fans of the former show will give it a look.


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