If you're sitting in the driver's seat of a Ferrari LaFerrari, you have a lot of potential available at your feet and fingertips. This is, after all, a car with over 900 horsepower and more than 660 pound-feet of torque. To say that there's a chance of possible hooliganism is a large understatement. One LaFerrari owner was recently captured enjoying his car, though while doing so he very nearly took out a Citroën van.

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A nice short corner is a good spot for a powerslide in a rear-wheel-drive, high-horsepower machine. When the corner is empty of people, cars, and anything else you can hit if it all goes wrong, that is. The LaFerrari owner in the video above didn't seem too concerned with any of that, as he goosed the gas, flicked the tail out a bit, and pointed the nose of his seven-figure car towards oncoming traffic for a brief moment.

Look, we're all for having fun in a car. And nothing terrible wound up occurring in the above situation. But the LaFerrari driver should have been more careful, as he was close to danger more than once. He could've wound up putting his shiny, expensive four-wheeled toy into the grille of that van, whacked a rear fender into an onlooker, or run the whole operation into one of the cars lining the sidestreet in his return powerslide.

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Enjoy your machines ... but enjoy them wisely.


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