This strange looking one-seat roadster is the creation of Danish enthusiast Mikkel Steen Pederesen, and was displayed recently at the UK’s Autosport International Show. Labeled the RoadRazer, the light-weight roadster is powered by a 180hp, 1.3L Suzuki Hayabusa four-cylinder motorbike engine and weighs a devilishly delightful 666 pounds. To keep weight down, extensive use of carbon-fiber and light-weight alloys were adopted.

Although its design is more track-oriented, the RoadRazer will be street legal and priced around the £50,000 mark. Performance will be scintillating, with initial estimates for 0-62mph times of less than 3 seconds. Race car attributes include the six-speed sequential gearbox and Quaife differential with steering-wheel paddles, a foam-filled safety fuel cell and pushrod-operated in-board adjustable dampers.