This year’s Essen motor show has proven to be quite the tuner festival. Now Volkswagen itself has gotten in on the action with the prototype Golf RaVe 270. A concept car that showcases VW’s technology and interior customization abilities, the RaVe 270 isn’t scheduled for production (yet) but it does show what can be done with the Golf platform.

The new Volkswagen Golf variant is named for its power output of 270PS (266hp), and sports a really tremendous audio system, rated at 1,400W. Thirteen speakers, a 880W subwoofer and two 250W auxiliary subwoofers are sure make any occupants feel like they’re about to liquify when the volume gets cranked up. The entertainment system also includes two 12inch monitors for the rear. Sat-nav and an onboard computer powered by a 400mhz PowerPC processor round out the high-tech installation.

Audio and entertainment systems are fun, but what really sets the Golf RaVe 270 apart is the engine. At 266hp (198kW), the turbocharged four-cylinder is the highest-output Golf (well, except for the W12-650) and the most powerful four-cylinder VW has ever made. Also a first for the Golf is 4Motion all-wheel drive. Like the GTi, the RaVe 270 gets a DSG dual-clutch gear box.

Despite the massive power output, all the additional equipment (audio, video, etc.) stowed inside and the rather large estate form factor, the RaVe 270 turns in decidedly Golf-like fuel consumption at just 9.1L/100km (25.8mpg US).