Rinspeed, in collaboration with Swiss engineering specialists Esoro, will showcase to the public for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show its eXasis concept car. The vehicle’s body is made of a high-tech plastic called Makrolon molded by the Swiss firm Mecaplex and coated with a tinge of yellow by the German hard coatings specialist, KRD. The chassis is built of lightweight aluminum.

To finish the surfaces of the knobs and levers inside the car, the developers came up with a special soft-feel coating based on waterborne binders. Two occupants sit in special seats designed in cooperation with Recaro and each seat consists of twelve transparent Makrolon ribs. Other interior features include the use of aluminized glass fiber material and a diamond-shape design for the trim.

The transparency also provides an unrestricted view of the compact two-cylinder 750cc Weber engine, which, very unusually, sits above the transmission. The bioethanol burning motor puts out 150hp, and with its 750hp curb weight, the eXasis has a Porsche rivaling power-to-weight ratio of only 5kg/hp.

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