Audi has built a special armored version of its A8 limo for an unknown private customer, believed to be German politician Edmund Stoiber. With a rumored price tag of approximately €520,000, the exclusive Audi is roughly four times the sticker price of the regular A8 flagship, making it the most expensive A8 ever. This puts it in line with ultra-luxury vehicles from the likes of Maybach and Rolls Royce in terms of price.

The car comes equipped with every Audi feature under the sun and rides on a long wheelbase chassis with power coming from a W12 engine. Its armor plating has been tested by Germany’s Federal Criminal Police, which certifies that the car meets Europe’s highest bullet-proof standards with scores of B6+ and B7. This means that it’s capable of withstanding gunfire from 7.62mm caliber bullets and even attacks from hand grenades.

Via: AutoTelegraaf