Reports are surfacing about a possible new crossover from BMW based on the platform underpinning the upcoming 1-series coupe. BMW’s boss Norbert Reithofer confirmed during an interview with German buff mag Auto Zeitung that the new car, which is likely to be labeled the X1, is still in the proposal stage. Reithofer also mentioned that BMW needs to add more high-end sports models to its lineup, referring to the older Z8 Roadster and M1 supercar. “These are the type of products we need in the future” he said.

If given the go-ahead, the new X1 could be on the market by 2010. To speed up development, the coupe-crossover is expected to utilize the X-drive 4WD system from the current X3 with powertrains and electronics coming from the 1-series. Production numbers are expected to be around the 100,000 mark with work most likely outsourced to the Magna-Steyr factory near Graz.

When questioned about the impending emissions laws that the European Council is proposing, Reithofer says BMW is well positioned to meet the targets and would not require any change to its future lineup. BMW has been developing its new ultra-clean models as early as 2001, with direct injection and hybrid technology to be available soon across most of its model range.

Mr. Reithofer has been busy releasing details of future BMW models to the press in recent times. Last week, he confirmed the new X6 crossover would be built in America.