The Audi R8 already has more LEDs than most other cars but come year’s end and the R8 will have even more thanks to the addition of the super-efficient diodes for its headlights. Already LEDs are used for the daytime running lights, brake lights and engine cover, but as previewed by Audi’s Le Mans Quattro Concept (pictured) unveiled at 2003’s Frankfurt Auto Show, the R8 will get several small clusters of LEDs for its main projectors. This will make it the first production car in the world with all-LED headlights.

Audi has always said that its R8 sports car would get the Le Mans concept’s unique lighting arrangement, and the option will finally be available from the end of this year. The headlight will use LEDs for low and high beams as well as daytime running lights and indicators. The advantage of using LEDs is the ultra-high 6,000Kelvin temperature rating, which is roughly the same color as ordinary daylight. By comparison, xenon lights only manage a 4,100K rating and the yellowish hue of halogen lamps only rates at 3,200K.

Other benefits of LEDS are its much longer lifespan, smaller overall size and lower power usage. The lights also provide developers with greater freedom for their designs as the diodes can be placed in unconventional arrangements and patterns. Lexus has beaten Audi to the table with its LS600h luxury saloon that uses LED headlights for low-beam use.