Chevrolet is one of GM’s most successful brands at the moment but that’s not stopping execs from significantly refurbishing its lineup over the coming years. The major model changes will be the introduction of a new RWD Impala, a new minicar and crossover, plus the long-awaited arrival of the Camaro.

Despite fears of tightening mileage standards, GM is pushing ahead with plans for a RWD successor to its Impala. The new car is due by 2010 and will be built off GM’s new Zeta platform, which will also spawn the Camaro. Both cars will be assembled at GM's Oshawa plant in Ontario, reports Automotive News. The new Impala is expected to grow several inches in length compared with the current model and could be repositioned upmarket so as not to compete with the new Malibu.

The Camaro coupe will hit showrooms in early ’90 and will be followed by the drop-top version only months later. Also arriving in 2009 will be the new super-Corvette. Final output will be around 650hp with pricing to hit $100,000. The all-new Corvette will enter production in 2012 and is slated for launch by the end of that year.

The final major introduction is the GM minicar, which is expected to based on one of the South Korean designed concepts from New York’s April Show. Though the car has not been confirmed for launch in the US, industry experts expect a Chevrolet minicar model by 2010.