The only reputable lap time we have for Audi’s R8 at the notorious Nurburgring Nordschleife is the 8 minutes and 4 seconds time recorded by Germany’s Sport-Auto. The Audi R8 is one of the most well-balanced cars in production today but seeing it not creep under the magic eight minute mark is a little disappointing.

One of the car’s strongest attributes is the balance between its supercar-like performance and everyday practicality. Unfortunately, this meant that some compromises were made in its design. That’s where Lennestadt-based H&R steps in. The German tuner has developed a new spring kit for the R8’s suspension, which sees ride height drop by 15mm up front and 30mm for the rear. Though there’s been no independent test, H&R claims the addition of the new springs will allow the R8 to lap the grueling circuit in less than eight minutes.

Meanwhile, Dutch sports car manufacturer Donkervoort will attempt to beat its previous best time at the Nordschleife with its new D8 GT and in the process set a new record. Speaking with AutoVisie, officials revealed they’d like to beat the current record of 6 minutes and 55 seconds lap time set by the UK’s Radical SR8. The fastest time made by the older D8 was 7 minutes and 14 seconds but a new aerodynamic package should see this figure drop.