GM will be debuting a new direct-injection petrol engine in the 2008 Cadillac CTS but according to a new report the power-boosting technology could carry over into more models within the next couple of years. This is good news for us, as GM engineers are working on a new Gen IV V8 engine with direct-injection that could make its way into a high-performance version of the upcoming Camaro.

For the 3.6L V6 in the new CTS, the high-pressure injection system lifts power by 15% resulting in a jump from the standard motor’s 258hp to a new peak of 304hp. Considering that the current all-aluminum 6.2L engine produces 403hp in the ’07 Cadillac Escalade, direction injection could lift output beyond 450hp. One engineer, who spoke with WardsAuto, revealed that output would be “well north” of the current engine’s power figure and torque would see a gain of around 10%. Fuel consumption is also expected to drop by up to 6%, he boasted.

Direct-injection technology works by spraying fuel directly into the combustion chamber at pressures of up to 1,750 psi (121bar). This results in a more efficient burn of the fuel but also leaves a harsh ticking sound on initial cold-starts, which is one of the reasons that kept GM from bringing it to market sooner. Either way, direct-injection combined with GM’s displacement-on-demand cylinder shutdown feature will definitely inject new life into its V8 range.