The new Laguna is a crucial model for Renault, so much so that CEO Carlos Ghosn has admitted the carmaker is staking its reputation on the launch of the new sedan next month. Not surprisingly Renault plans to launch several variants of the car including a new two-door model due to arrive on the market by the middle of next year.

Though still a concept, next year’s production version is expected to be almost identical although we suspect the interior will be toned down to match the cabin of the sedan. The concept car features frameless windows, a six-speed automatic transmission and black powder-coated alloys. Other goodies include LED detailing and a rear diffuser.

Renault is yet to reveal any details on the mechanicals of the new coupe-concept but expect any production version to get a similar lineup to the new sedan and estate models. This means a series of diesel and petrol four-cylinder engines ranging from 1.6L to 2.0L with output ranging from 112hp to 204hp. Stay tuned for official details following the launch of the concept at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Via: km77