Prototypes for various versions of an updated Mercedes-Benz C-Class range have been testing for a while. Only a week ago we saw the updated C63 from Mercedes-AMG.

Today, though, we’ve spotted the updated C63 Coupe. This is only a mid-cycle update so the changes will be mild.

We’re expecting new internals for the headlights as well as the Panamericana-style grille AMG is slowly adding to its range.

Some changes should take place inside, too. Prototypes for the updated C-Class were sporting new steering wheels, plus touchpad controllers in their center consoles instead of the usual rotary dial controllers.

Mechanically, we know the updated C63 Coupe will stick with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8. The current 7-speed automatic could be replaced by a 9-speed, though.

Some extra power may be added, too. The standard C63 models are currently putting out 469 horsepower while the C63 S cars dish out 503 hp. AMG recently added a few extra horses to the GT and GT S versions of its GT sports car, and similar increases may be added to the C63 and C63 S.

Look for the updated C-Class range, including the C63, to go on sale in 2018, as a 2019 model. An updated C43 range is also being developed and should be introduced around the same time.