Since 1953, all Corvettes have been manufactured in only one plant in Warren County, Kentucky. Now a Kentucky State Representative, C.B. Embry, has introduced a bill to designate the Corvette as Kentucky's official state sports car. Embry is aware the move is a controversial one, as Kentucky is also home to Ford and Toyota plants, however the move could improve the state's reputation for car construction.

Perhaps a tell-tale sign of the bill's impending failure, there are no co-sponsors of the bill. Despite this lack, Embry believes he will find strong support in the legislature, reports Louisville's Courier-Journal. He thinks that by naming the 'Vette the official state sports car, rather than official state vehicle, the pill will be easier to swallow.

Embry, tired of the grind of healthcare and pension legislation, says he introduced the bill because "it is nice to slide in a fun thing from time to time.”