German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told reporters her government would not try to impose any speed limits for the unrestricted sections of the autobahn despite members of her party backing a proposal to introduce a general speed limit of 130km/h (80mph). When questioned about the proposal on German television, Merkel’s response was a straight forward “it won’t happen with me.”

Concerns over the level of carbon-dioxide emissions from cars traveling at very high-speeds has led policy makers to put an end to the traditional speed unlimited stretches of Germany’s highway. Earlier this year, EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas suggested introducing a speed limit but the idea fell out of the spotlight following strong protest from many German residents, reports The Associated Press.

Merkel’s suggestion for reducing carbon emissions is to improve traffic flows and cut down on the number of traffic jams that often clog the autobahn. Something we’re sure most readers would agree is the better solution.