Can’t wait for the ZR-1? Already have a C6 lying around? Then get out your checkbook and make a reservation for a spot on Pratt & Miller’s list of 25 or so lucky owners that will get a fully customized race-inspired C6RS. This is one of the meanest-looking, most awe-inspiring American supercars you’ll find. Production cars will start rolling out of the shop in April 2008, but thanks to the limited number they’re sure to sell out long before then.

The C6RS is designed to please performance seekers and highway cruisers alike. Although it’s based on the C6R race Corvette, the C6RS is designed as a premium GT car - one you can take for a day trip to the coast or to the track for some rubber-shredding fun. With 600hp and 600lb-ft of torque, a computer controlled adjustable suspension system and an interior replete with luxury features like Dynamat sound insulation and premium leather wrapped interior elements, the C6RS sure does sound like an Italian or German super-tourer rather than a modified Corvette. And for the price of a C6 coupe, convertible or Z06 donor car plus the $185,000 for modification, it’s priced like one as well.

All carbon-fiber body panels are modeled on the C6R to produce real downforce - no part of the body modification is done solely for aesthetic appeal. The whole car-road interface (tires, wheels and brakes) is done by the same manufacturers that supply the C6R race cars. Aluminum BBS 18×11inch wheels up front and 19×13.6inch wheels out back give some serious traction to put all that power to the tarmac. Brembo Grand Tourismo brakes bring the whole show to a stop when necessary.