Over the past few weeks a number of pictures of production Challengers have leaked onto the web, but now the leaks have brought along a nice front three-quarters view for all to see. The car looks - as expected - very much like the concept that has made the rounds from Barrett-Jackson to your local auto show. The teasers Dodge let slip almost two months ago also gave a good idea what the final car would look like, but now we can remove all doubt: the Challenger is here.

Due for its official public unveiling at the Chicago motor show, the Challenger is the fourth vehicle to ride on Chrysler's LX platform, succeeding the 300C, the Charger and the ill-fated Magnum. Just last week the first production Challenger took in a gargantuan $400,000 - although the proceeds went to charity.

Under the hood there are few surprises: a 6.1L Hemi V8 that populates others in Chrysler's SRT8 range gives ample kick-in-the-pants fun, while the six-speed automatic stays true to its muscle-car roots, even if it adds some modern-day smoothness. Bringing the show to a safe and timely halt are four-piston Brembo brakes, also standard LX-platform SRT8 fare.

The details all seem to mimic the concept as closely as anyone could expect from a production car, although those with a sharp eye will notice the chrome cross-hair grille is gone, and in its place are a series of thin, flat-black squares - and homage to the original.

The first coupe to be built on the LX platform, the Challenger is four inches shorter (at 116in) than its corporate compadres, which yields a slightly lighter weight, reports Automotive News. This should make the 425hp, 420 lb-ft Hemi seem a bit livelier, and will contribute to better handling and stopping distances. Fuel economy should also be slightly more palatable than other SRT8s, but let's face it - you're not buying this car for its green image.

If you can't wait for these to hit your local showroom, get your tickets for Chicago now and book a room for February 6th.