Proving that no one is above the law when it comes to illegal parking, even owners of million dollar exotics, a Manchester City parking inspector has ticketed an illegally parted Bugatti Veyron in front of a crowd of spectators. People started to gather once it was revealed the car was left illegally in a loading bay. Eventually, a parking inspector arrived and the group cheered as the car was ticketed with a £60 ticket fine.

The 30-something driver eventually turned up and quickly got into his car and left as the crowd watched on, reports The Sun. While it's easy to feel for exotic car owners when their pride and joy is spit on or vandalized while parked in a proper space, it's hard to excuse a Veyron owner the price of a parking meter or the time it takes to walk a block or two.

If you’re driving one of the world’s fastest and most exclusive cars then a little care should be taken when parking, even if only to avoid harassment like that mentioned above. Luckily for the owner the car was only ticketed and not towed. Imagine what could happen if the car was taken to some unsecured holding lot.