With a string of new performance Mustangs rolling out of showrooms and the mid-engined S7 supercar still going strong, Saleen is set to expand with even more modified muscle cars and possibly a new mid-engined sports car. Saleen has been building cars for over 25 years, its status now recognized as an official carmaker and no longer a tuner, and its latest creation, the Sterling Edition S302E Mustang, is the most powerful pony car it’s ever released. However, this is only the beginning of a new era for Saleen as we’re set to see some amazing new models launched in coming years.

The only vehicle Saleen can truly call its own is the $600,000 S7, a 750hp mid-engined supercar powered by a 7.0L twin-turbo V8 engine and capable of traveling at more than 200mph. If Saleen hopes to live up to the title of being a genuine carmaker it’s going to need more clean-sheet models.

Saleen is in fact looking at adding a new, less-expensive mid-engined performance model to its lineup. Speaking with Wards Auto, Saleen CEO Paul Wilbur said there were plans to develop a more conventional mid-engine car built around a simple aluminum body. “The $150,000 to $200,000 (price) point is where we’d want to be with our next car,” Wilbur explained.

When questioned about the looming CAFE regulations Wilbur said Saleen wasn’t worried about the regulation and that it was “ready to embrace green technology.” Some of the areas being investigated include potential electric and diesel powertrains as well as E85 capable models.