Last month we reported about Lamborghini celebrating the sale of its 3,000th Murcielago, a pale Telesto grey Murcielago LP640 that went to an individual in Florida. Just one month after taking delivery, the buyer is now selling the car on eBay and the current bid is already far ahead of the original sticker price, which incidentally was $419,892.

The sale was completed during Christmas last year and the car was personally delivered to the current owner by Lambo boss Stephan Winkelmann, who actually flew out to Florida to hand over the keys. The car has also been personalized with a number of unique features including the new Ad Personam color scheme.

The seller has posted several images of the car including shots of the interior and build number. There’s even a copy of the original press release and the receipt containing all the pricing details. You can check the progress of the sale or even bid on it by clicking here.