Bugatti will be showcasing yet another special edition Veyron supercar at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, this time joining forces with fashion label Hermès to create the unique vehicle. In a similar move to Lamborghini’s collaboration with Versace, Bugatti is set to revive a relationship between Emile Hermès and Ettore Bugatti that was initiated as far back as the 1920's.

In the past we’ve seen Bugatti release its amazing Pur Sang Veyron (pictured), a limited edition model that featured an unpainted aluminum and carbon-fiber body, and before the Pur Sang there was the Pegaso Edition, which was claimed to feature a 1,200hp version of the 16.4 engine.

As for the upcoming Hermès model, we suspect it will feature a more over the top interior with tons of stitched leather and embossed logos. Previous special edition models sold out in just days and we expect this latest model to do the same.