Hot on the heels of the newly revised standard SL, we can now show you pictures of AMG's top-of-the-line SL65 and it's V8-engined brother, the SL63. Both Mercs come with a slew of new technologies to keep the SL on top of the luxury convertible market until its eventual replacement.

Official details place power figures of the twin-turbo V12SL65 AMG at 612hp and a mind-bending 1,000Nm of torque, no different from the previous generation. The recently leaked SL63 AMG gets the familiar 6.3L V8 engine developing 525hp (386 kw) and 630Nm. It also uses a new AMG SpeedShift MCT transmission, which uses a compact, wet start-up clutch that replaces the conventional torque converter. This new transmission is fitted with seven speeds, four drive modes, a double-declutching and a Race Start function, though we’ll have to test it to see whether it’s significantly better than the 5-sp automatic AMG was using on the SL55 AMG beforehand. Sadly, Mercedes continues to go without a true dual-clutch option for these cars. Like the previous model, the SL65 AMG makes too much torque for one of these special transmissions and continues to use the 5-sp automatic gearbox.

Appearance is not everything, but with an army of horses Genghis Khan would be proud of under the hood, it is something to consider. And the new AMG models don't disappoint: new aero body work and special side vents - most likely to allow more efficient cooling of the brakes and under-hood elements - combined with darkened bi-xenon headlights and other tweaks to make sure the AMGs stand out. For more on the SL facelift, check out our original coverage.