Noble may no longer be building its M12 supercar but existing owners have an opportunity to bring the new car feel back into their lives thanks to a new convertible conversion kit. The kit was developed by Bristol-based Salica Cars, and not only does it include a new removable roof but it also incorporates a full redesign of the body and interior plus several upgrades to the engine.

For £20,500 ($40,500), Salica will replace the original body panels, install new components in the cabin and upgrade the engine with a new intercooler and radiator. They’ll also replace the existing fixed roof with a lightweight removable unit that can be stowed away for open top driving. Salica is yet to build any of the converted cars but officials claim the engineering work has been completed.

Noble did create a one-off convertible version of the M12, dubbed the GTC (pictured), but the project was canned due to a lack of funding and interest from buyers. New customers could one day actually purchase a brand new GTC, however, as Salica are planning to build new cars using its own mechanicals, and a longitudinally mounted, twin-turbo V6 producing around 460hp. The cars will cost about £65,000 ($130,000) and will be limited to the UK market only.


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