We first reported about Infiniti possibly launching its own version of the GT-R back in August of last year, when Nissan’s global design Chief Shiro Nakamura Infiniti was looking at expanding its lineup and one of the possibilities could be a “high end coupe or convertible.” In fact, until only a few months before the GT-R’s release we weren’t even sure if the new super-coupe would wear Nissan or Infiniti badges.

Nakamura has once again ignited speculation that Infiniti could be prepping its own version of the GT-R when he told CAR "we have developed the platform and the transaxle powertrain – an Infiniti version is a future possibility," adding, “I have not done a study yet, but we are thinking about it."

Infiniti dealer Peter Wilson has also hinted that a luxurious version of the GT-R could be offered. Speaking with Automotive News, he said that Infiniti was looking at three main segments to expand its lineup. “One is some sort of a supercar. Would it be on the same GT-R platform? That would make sense,” he commented. The other segments he hinted at include the midsized MPV and high-end limo markets.

Closest rivals Lexus and Acura are both working on developing 500hp supercars of their own and as Nakamura pointed out during a previous interview, there remains significant interest in the segment in the luxury performance market.