Environmental concerns on both sides of the Atlantic have got carmakers worried about fuel efficiency and emissions. In Europe, governments are set on introducing strict carbon-emission limits for new cars, while in the U.S. regulators want to see marked improvements in fuel-economy levels. The response so far from carmakers has increasingly been to downsize engine size, and it appears the first strike has been target towards V8 powerplants, especially in luxury vehicles.

GM was one of the first to announce that it was canceling its V8 program for its Cadillac brand. Then Chrysler followed suit with the announcement that its legendary HEMI will not play a major role in its future lineup. Ford, too, has shifted focus towards economical V6 engines and forced-induction for its luxury Lincoln brand.

Part of the reason is that advanced V6 engines offer similar performance to V8s, and luxury buyers are seeking modern and high-tech powertrains. Most carmakers are seeing demand for V8s drop, CNNMoney reports. In just one year, demand for the V8 Cadillac STS went from 26% to just 17% and this year is set to be even lower. But the V8s aren’t going away just yet. There’s still a certain level of prestige and refinement associated with a big-cube engine, something modern day V6s are yet to attain.