At this year’s Scrigno Tesori d'Italia luxury event in Rome, car customizer StudioM rolled out a Fiat 500 minicar covered in a 24k gold micro-powder paint scheme and nicknamed the ‘Pepita’. Last year the same company showcased a Maserati Quattroporte painted in the same finish but this time ‘round StudioM decided to go over the top and kit the show car with an entire jewelery box assortment of precious materials.

The list includes a set of OZ wheels and tires brushed with gold, an Australian mother of pearl inlay for the dashboard, gear shifter and handbrake, pedals lined with Swarovski crystals and designer floor mats made out of cashmere.

Anyone interested in buying the car will have to front up at least €60,000 but StudioM are more than happy to make it even more exclusive by adding any kind of upholstery, with materials such as crocodile, snake, shark, rayfish or lizard skin and swapping the Swarovski crystals for any one of 48 other precious stones.

This all reminds us of the true gold standard, a Porsche Boxster gilded out of 22K beaten gold from 2006.