Sounding like the words of someone who has already accepted defeat, Williams team co-owner Patrick Head is proposing that the fastest F1 cars, based on how many championship points the driver has accumulated, should be placed at the back of the grid to make the races more interesting.

“I would like to see the grids in reverse order of championship position," Head told BBC Sport. “It's the same for everybody, and over a whole season the right guy would still win the championship.” Placing the fastest cars at the back would allow for more overtaking manoeuvres and risks taken by the fastest drivers.

Although such a scheme would be unpopular with what Head describes as the “purists of F1,” he still wants the FIA to consider it as he claims it would make viewing much more interesting in the long run. The FIA has already implemented a number of significant changes over the past couple of years, including a number of design restrictions, engine limits and the eradication of traction control, but Head claims none have been successful as yet.