Dynamically designed and arrestingly attractive, Land Rover's LRX concept has won much praise on the show-car circuit. But beauty goes more than skin-deep in this case, as engineers are working to keep the interior of the concept intact through production.

A bit over-the-top as most concept interiors are, the LRX's combination of brushed metal, LED lighting and plush leather won more than a few fans while on display in Detroit this January. According to Autocar that warm reception didn't go unnoticed by the higher-ups at Land Rover. As they work to keep the production vehicle as close to the concept as possible, even amidst the transfer of the company to Tata Motors, the challenge of converting the one-off showpiece into something reproducible on the factory assembly line is keeping the team busy.

Until the production vehicle comes along, we can imagine what it might be like with a gallery of high-resolution photos that detail nearly every aspect. One thing is certain: if the final product even gets close to the concept, the LRX will be a very interesting drive.

Land Rover LRX Concept